Minhyea Lee
Minhyea Lee
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Large enhancement of the thermopower in NaxCoO2 at high Na doping
M Lee, L Viciu, L Li, Y Wang, ML Foo, S Watauchi, RA Pascal Jr, RJ Cava, ...
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Unusual Hall effect anomaly in MnSi under pressure
M Lee, W Kang, Y Onose, Y Tokura, NP Ong
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Structures and thermoelectric properties of the infinitely adaptive series (Bi2)m(Bi2Te3)n
JWG Bos, HW Zandbergen, M Lee, NP Ong, RJ Cava
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Band-Gap Tuning and Linear Magnetoresistance in the Silver Chalcogenides
M Lee, TF Rosenbaum, ML Saboungi, HS Schnyders
Physical Review Letters 88, 066602, 2002
Crystal structure and elementary properties of (, 0.51, 0.6, 0.75, and 0.92) in the three-layer family
L Viciu, JWG Bos, HW Zandbergen, Q Huang, ML Foo, S Ishiwata, ...
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Hidden constant in the anomalous Hall effect of high-purity magnet MnSi
M Lee, Y Onose, Y Tokura, NP Ong
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Quantum superposition of a single microwave photon in two different’colour’states
E Zakka-Bajjani, F Nguyen, M Lee, LR Vale, RW Simmonds, J Aumentado
Nature Physics 7 (8), 599, 2011
Anomalous Thermal Conductivity and Magnetic Torque Response in the Honeycomb Magnet
IA Leahy, CA Pocs, PE Siegfried, D Graf, SH Do, KY Choi, B Normand, ...
Physical review letters 118 (18), 187203, 2017
High resolution study of magnetic ordering at absolute zero
M Lee, A Husmann, TF Rosenbaum, G Aeppli
Physical Review Letters 92, 187201, 2004
Sharp switching of the magnetization in
E Morosan, HW Zandbergen, L Li, M Lee, JG Checkelsky, M Heinrich, ...
Physical Review B 75 (10), 104401, 2007
Anomalous Hall effect and magnetoresistance in the layered ferromagnet Fe 1 / 4 Ta S 2 : The inelastic regime
JG Checkelsky, M Lee, E Morosan, RJ Cava, NP Ong
Phys. Rev. B 77, 014433, 2008
Ferromagnetism below in Mn-doped BiTe
JWG Bos, M Lee, E Morosan, HW Zandbergen, WL Lee, NP Ong, ...
Physical Review B 74 (18), 184429, 2006
Spin structure of the anisotropic helimagnet Cr1/3NbS2 in a magnetic field
BJ Chapman, AC Bornstein, NJ Ghimire, D Mandrus, M Lee
Applied Physics Letters 105 (7), 072405, 2014
Large enhancement of emergent magnetic fields in MnSi with impurities and pressure
BJ Chapman, MG Grossnickle, T Wolf, M Lee
Physical Review B 88 (21), 214406, 2013
Noise performance of lumped element direct current superconducting quantum interference device amplifiers in the 4–8 GHz range
L Spietz, K Irwin, M Lee, J Aumentado
Applied Physics Letters 97 (14), 142502, 2010
Giant magnetothermopower associated with large magnetoresistance in Ag2−δTe
Y Sun, MB Salamon, M Lee, TF Rosenbaum
Applied Physics Letters 82, 1440, 2003
Structure and magnetic properties of the orthorhombic n= 2 Ruddlesden–Popper phases Sr3Co2O5+ δ (δ= 0.91, 0.64 and 0.38)
L Viciu, HW Zandbergen, Q Xu, Q Huang, M Lee, RJ Cava
Journal of Solid State Chemistry 179 (2), 500-511, 2006
Enhancement of the thermopower in NaxCoO2 in the large-x regime (x⩾ 0.75)
M Lee, L Viciu, L Li, Y Wang, ML Foo, S Watauchi, RA Pascal Jr, RJ Cava, ...
Physica B: Condensed Matter 403 (5-9), 1564-1568, 2008
Structural and transport properties of epitaxial thin films
A Venimadhav, A Soukiassian, DA Tenne, Q Li, XX Xi, DG Schlom, ...
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Structure and magnetism of NaRu2O4 and Na2. 7Ru4O9
KA Regan, Q Huang, M Lee, AP Ramirez, RJ Cava
Journal of Solid State Chemistry 179 (1), 195-204, 2006
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