Tatsuya Okubo
Tatsuya Okubo
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Growth of vertically aligned single-walled carbon nanotube films on quartz substrates and their optical anisotropy
Y Murakami, S Chiashi, Y Miyauchi, M Hu, M Ogura, T Okubo, ...
Chemical Physics Letters 385 (3-4), 298-303, 2004
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T Yokoi, Y Sakamoto, O Terasaki, Y Kubota, T Okubo, T Tatsumi
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Densification of nanostructured titania assisted by a phase transformation
KNP Kumar, K Keizer, AJ Burggraaf, T Okubo, H Nagamoto, S Morooka
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K Itabashi, Y Kamimura, K Iyoki, A Shimojima, T Okubo
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Spinel as a Heavy-Mass Fermi Liquid: Anomalous Transport and Role of Geometrical Frustration
C Urano, M Nohara, S Kondo, F Sakai, H Takagi, T Shiraki, T Okubo
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Growth, microstructure, and permeation properties of supported zeolite (MFI) films and membranes prepared by secondary growth
G Xomeritakis, A Gouzinis, S Nair, T Okubo, M He, RM Overney, ...
Chemical Engineering Science 54 (15-16), 3521-3531, 1999
Structure and morphology of self-assembled 3-mercaptopropyltrimethoxysilane layers on silicon oxide
M Hu, S Noda, T Okubo, Y Yamaguchi, H Komiyama
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Morphology and chemical state of Co–Mo catalysts for growth of single-walled carbon nanotubes vertically aligned on quartz substrates
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Overview of nanoparticle array formation by wet coating
S Maenosono, T Okubo, Y Yamaguchi
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Mechanism of formation of uniform-sized silica nanospheres catalyzed by basic amino acids
T Yokoi, J Wakabayashi, Y Otsuka, W Fan, M Iwama, R Watanabe, ...
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Characterization of zeolite L nanoclusters
M Tsapatsis, M Lovallo, T Okubo, ME Davis, M Sadakata
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Crystallization behavior of zeolite beta in OSDA-free, seed-assisted synthesis
Y Kamimura, S Tanahashi, K Itabashi, A Sugawara, T Wakihara, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 115 (3), 744-750, 2011
Critical Factors in the Seed‐Assisted Synthesis of Zeolite Beta and “Green Beta” from OSDA‐Free Na+–Aluminosilicate Gels
Y Kamimura, W Chaikittisilp, K Itabashi, A Shimojima, T Okubo
Chemistry–An Asian Journal 5 (10), 2182-2191, 2010
High efficiency near-IR emission of Nd (III) based on low-vibrational environment in cages of nanosized zeolites
Y Wada, T Okubo, M Ryo, T Nakazawa, Y Hasegawa, S Yanagida
Journal of the American Chemical Society 122 (35), 8583-8584, 2000
Preparation of supported mesoporous silica layers in a continuous flow cell
HW Hillhouse, T Okubo, JW Van Egmond, M Tsapatsis
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Progress in seed-assisted synthesis of zeolites without using organic structure-directing agents
K Iyoki, K Itabashi, T Okubo
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Mesoporous silica nanoparticles with remarkable stability and dispersibility for antireflective coatings
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Sol-gel synthesis of molecular sieving silica membranes
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Introduction of specific gas selectivity to porous glass membranes by treatment with tetraethoxysilane
T Okubo, H Inoue
Journal of membrane science 42 (1-2), 109-117, 1989
Organic–inorganic mesoporous nanocarriers integrated with biogenic ligands
J Gu, W Fan, A Shimojima, T Okubo
Small 3 (10), 1740-1744, 2007
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