Hwo-Shuenn Sheu
Hwo-Shuenn Sheu
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Reversible adapting layer produces robust single-crystal electrocatalyst for oxygen evolution
CW Tung, YY Hsu, YP Shen, Y Zheng, TS Chan, HS Sheu, YC Cheng, ...
Nature communications 6 (1), 1-9, 2015
Origin of Thermal Degradation of Sr2–xSi5N8:Eux Phosphors in Air for Light-Emitting Diodes
CW Yeh, WT Chen, RS Liu, SF Hu, HS Sheu, JM Chen, HT Hintzen
Journal of the American Chemical Society 134 (34), 14108-14117, 2012
In-situ X-ray absorption spectroscopic study on variation of electronic transitions and local structure of LiNi1/3Co1/3Mn1/3O2 cathode material during electrochemical cycling
YW Tsai, BJ Hwang, G Ceder, HS Sheu, DG Liu, JF Lee
Chemistry of materials 17 (12), 3191-3199, 2005
Cation-size-mismatch tuning of photoluminescence in oxynitride phosphors
WT Chen, HS Sheu, RS Liu, JP Attfield
Journal of the American Chemical Society 134 (19), 8022-8025, 2012
Templated Synthesis and Structural Study of Densely Packed Metal Nanostructures in MCM‐41 and MCM‐48
CM Yang, HS Sheu, KJ Chao
Advanced Functional Materials 12 (2), 143-148, 2002
Near‐Infrared Light‐Responsive Intracellular Drug and siRNA Release Using Au Nanoensembles with Oligonucleotide‐Capped Silica Shell
YT Chang, PY Liao, HS Sheu, YJ Tseng, FY Cheng, CS Yeh
Advanced Materials 24 (25), 3309-3314, 2012
Nanoshell magnetic resonance imaging contrast agents
CH Su, HS Sheu, CY Lin, CC Huang, YW Lo, YC Pu, JC Weng, DB Shieh, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 129 (7), 2139-2146, 2007
Photoluminescence tuning via cation substitution in oxonitridosilicate phosphors: DFT calculations, different site occupations, and luminescence mechanisms
G Li, CC Lin, WT Chen, MS Molokeev, VV Atuchin, CY Chiang, W Zhou, ...
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Neighboring-cation substitution tuning of photoluminescence by remote-controlled activator in phosphor lattice
SS Wang, WT Chen, Y Li, J Wang, HS Sheu, RS Liu
Journal of the American Chemical Society 135 (34), 12504-12507, 2013
Controlling the activator site to tune europium valence in oxyfluoride phosphors
KW Huang, WT Chen, CI Chu, SF Hu, HS Sheu, BM Cheng, JM Chen, ...
Chemistry of Materials 24 (11), 2220-2227, 2012
Gd2O(CO3)2 · H2O Particles and the Corresponding Gd2O3: Synthesis and Applications of Magnetic Resonance Contrast Agents and Template Particles for …
IF Li, CH Su, HS Sheu, HC Chiu, YW Lo, WT Lin, JH Chen, CS Yeh
Advanced Functional Materials 18 (5), 766-776, 2008
High Color Rendering Index of Rb2GeF6:Mn4+ for Light-Emitting Diodes
WL Wu, MH Fang, W Zhou, T Lesniewski, S Mahlik, M Grinberg, MG Brik, ...
Chemistry of Materials 29 (3), 935-939, 2017
Structural Ordering and Charge Variation Induced by Cation Substitution in (Sr,Ca)AlSiN3:Eu Phosphor
YT Tsai, CY Chiang, W Zhou, JF Lee, HS Sheu, RS Liu
Journal of the American Chemical Society 137 (28), 8936-8939, 2015
Porous iron oxide based nanorods developed as delivery nanocapsules
PC Wu, WS Wang, YT Huang, HS Sheu, YW Lo, TL Tsai, DB Shieh, ...
Chemistry–A European Journal 13 (14), 3878-3885, 2007
Intermixing-seeded growth for high-performance planar heterojunction perovskite solar cells assisted by precursor-capped nanoparticles
SS Li, CH Chang, YC Wang, CW Lin, DY Wang, JC Lin, CC Chen, ...
Energy & Environmental Science 9 (4), 1282-1289, 2016
Sodium niobate nanowire and its piezoelectricity
TY Ke, HA Chen, HS Sheu, JW Yeh, HN Lin, CY Lee, HT Chiu
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Investigations of direct methanol fuel cell (DMFC) fading mechanisms
LS Sarma, CH Chen, GR Wang, KL Hsueh, CP Huang, HS Sheu, DG Liu, ...
Journal of Power Sources 167 (2), 358-365, 2007
Robust non-carbon Ti0. 7Ru0. 3O2 support with co-catalytic functionality for Pt: enhances catalytic activity and durability for fuel cells
VTT Ho, KC Pillai, HL Chou, CJ Pan, J Rick, WN Su, BJ Hwang, JF Lee, ...
Energy Environ. Sci 4, 4194-4200, 2011
Gouge graphitization and dynamic fault weakening during the 2008 Mw 7.9 Wenchuan earthquake
LW Kuo, H Li, SAF Smith, G Di Toro, J Suppe, SR Song, S Nielsen, ...
Geology 42 (1), 47-50, 2014
Study on microstructural deformation of working Sn and SnSb anode particles for Li-ion batteries by in situ transmission X-ray microscopy
SC Chao, YF Song, CC Wang, HS Sheu, HC Wu, NL Wu
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 115 (44), 22040-22047, 2011
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