Shih-Ching Chuang
Shih-Ching Chuang
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High‐performance and highly durable inverted organic photovoltaics embedding solution‐processable vanadium oxides as an interfacial hole‐transporting layer
CP Chen, YD Chen, SC Chuang
Advanced Materials 23 (33), 3859-3863, 2011
One‐Pot Synthesis of Highly Substituted Polyheteroaromatic Compounds by Rhodium (III)‐Catalyzed Multiple C H Activation and Annulation
J Jayakumar, K Parthasarathy, YH Chen, TH Lee, SC Chuang, CH Cheng
Angewandte Chemie International Edition 53 (37), 9889-9892, 2014
Palladium-Catalyzed Oxidative Insertion of Carbon Monoxide to N-Sulfonyl-2-aminobiaryls through C–H Bond Activation: Access to Bioactive Phenanthridinone …
V Rajeshkumar, TH Lee, SC Chuang
Organic letters 15 (7), 1468-1471, 2013
Synthesis of stable derivatives of C62: the first nonclassical fullerene incorporating a four-membered ring
W Qian, SC Chuang, RB Amador, T Jarrosson, M Sander, S Pieniazek, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 125 (8), 2066-2067, 2003
Demonstration of a Chemical Transformation Inside a Fullerene. The Reversible Conversion of the Allotropes of H2@C60
NJ Turro, AA Martí, JYC Chen, S Jockusch, RG Lawler, M Ruzzi, E Sartori, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 130 (32), 10506-10507, 2008
One pot synthesis of bioactive benzopyranones through palladium-catalyzed C–H activation and CO insertion into 2-arylphenols
TH Lee, J Jayakumar, CH Cheng, SC Chuang
Chemical Communications 49 (100), 11797-11799, 2013
Highly thermal stable and efficient organic photovoltaic cells with crosslinked networks appending open‐cage fullerenes as additives
CP Chen, CY Huang, SC Chuang
Advanced Functional Materials 25 (2), 207-213, 2015
Approaches to Open Fullerenes: A 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6-Hexaadduct of C60
SC Chuang, FR Clemente, SI Khan, KN Houk, Y Rubin
Organic letters 8 (20), 4525-4528, 2006
Annulation of Benzamides with [60] Fullerene through Palladium (II)-Catalyzed C− H Bond Activation
SC Chuang, V Rajeshkumar, CA Cheng, JC Deng, GW Wang
The Journal of organic chemistry 76 (6), 1599-1604, 2011
Approaches to Open Fullerenes:  Synthesis and Thermal Stability of cis-1 Bis(isobenzofuran) Diels−Alder Adducts of C60
M Sander, T Jarrosson, SC Chuang, SI Khan, Y Rubin
The Journal of organic chemistry 72 (8), 2724-2731, 2007
Three-component and nonclassical reaction of phosphines with enynes and aldehydes: Formation of γ-lactones featuring α-phosphorus ylides
JC Deng, SC Chuang
Organic letters 13 (9), 2248-2251, 2011
Organic photovoltaics incorporating fulleroisoquinolinones as n-type materials
CP Chen, C Luo, C Ting, SC Chuang
Chemical Communications 47 (6), 1845-1847, 2011
Approaches to Open Fullerenes:  Synthesis and Kinetic Stability of Diels−Alder Adducts of Substituted Isobenzofurans and C60
SC Chuang, M Sander, T Jarrosson, S James, E Rozumov, SI Khan, ...
The Journal of organic chemistry 72 (8), 2716-2723, 2007
Synthesis of isoquinolones via Rh-catalyzed C–H activation of substituted benzamides using air as the sole oxidant in water
NS Upadhyay, VH Thorat, R Sato, P Annamalai, SC Chuang, CH Cheng
Green Chemistry 19 (14), 3219-3224, 2017
Palladium‐Catalyzed and Hybrid Acids‐Assisted Synthesis of [60] Fulleroazepines in One Pot under Mild Conditions: Annulation of N‐Sulfonyl‐2‐aminobiaryls with [60] Fullerene …
V Rajeshkumar, FW Chan, SC Chuang
Advanced Synthesis & Catalysis 354 (13), 2473-2483, 2012
Synthesis and Chemistry of Fullerene Derivatives Bearing Phosphorus Substituents. Unusual Reaction of Phosphines with Electron-Deficient Acetylenes and C60
SC Chuang, KC Santhosh, CH Lin, SL Wang, CH Cheng
The Journal of organic chemistry 64 (18), 6664-6669, 1999
Fine tuning of the orifice size of an open-cage fullerene by placing selenium in the rim: insertion/release of molecular hydrogen
SC Chuang, Y Murata, M Murata, S Mori, S Maeda, F Tanabe, K Komatsu
Chemical communications, 1278-1280, 2007
Tricyclohexylphosphine-catalyzed cycloaddition of enynoates with [60] fullerene and the application of cyclopentenofullerenes as n-type materials in organic photovoltaics
AJ Wu, PY Tseng, WH Hsu, SC Chuang
Organic letters 18 (2), 224-227, 2016
An orifice-size index for open-cage fullerenes
SC Chuang, Y Murata, M Murata, K Komatsu
The Journal of organic chemistry 72 (17), 6447-6453, 2007
Fullerene derivatives bearing a phosphite ylide, phosphonate, phosphine oxide, and phosphonic acid: Synthesis and reactivities
SC Chuang, DD Lee, KC Santhosh, CH Cheng
The Journal of organic chemistry 64 (24), 8868-8872, 1999
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