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Overexpressing a NAM, ATAF, and CUC (NAC) transcription factor enhances drought resistance and salt tolerance in rice
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Reconstitution of abscisic acid activation of SLAC1 anion channel by CPK6 and OST1 kinases and branched ABI1 PP2C phosphatase action
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Genetic engineering and breeding of drought-resistant crops
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Rice SERK1 gene positively regulates somatic embryogenesis of cultured cell and host defense response against fungal infection
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PYR/RCAR receptors contribute to ozone-, reduced air humidity-, darkness-, and CO2-induced stomatal regulation
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The SNAC1-targeted gene OsSRO1c modulates stomatal closure and oxidative stress tolerance by regulating hydrogen peroxide in rice
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A STRESS-RESPONSIVE NAC1-regulated protein phosphatase gene rice protein phosphatase18 modulates drought and oxidative stress tolerance through abscisic acid-independent …
J You, W Zong, H Hu, X Li, J Xiao, L Xiong
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Reconstitution of CO2Regulation of SLAC1 Anion Channel and Function of CO2-Permeable PIP2;1 Aquaporin as CARBONIC ANHYDRASE4 Interactor
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Distinct cellular locations of carbonic anhydrases mediate carbon dioxide control of stomatal movements
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A special member of the rice SRO family, OsSRO1c, mediates responses to multiple abiotic stresses through interaction with various transcription factors
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Transcription factor gene OsNACx from rice and use thereof for improving plant tolerance to drought and salt
H Hu, L Xiong
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Identification of Novel Stress‐responsive Transcription Factor Genes in Rice by cDNA Array Analysis
CQ Wu, HH Hu, Y Zeng, DC Liang, KB Xie, JW Zhang, ZH Chu, LZ Xiong
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