Praveen Bollini
Praveen Bollini
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Amine-oxide hybrid materials for acid gas separations
P Bollini, SA Didas, CW Jones
Journal of Materials Chemistry 21 (39), 15100-15120, 2011
Dramatic Enhancement of CO2 Uptake by Poly(ethyleneimine) Using Zirconosilicate Supports
Y Kuwahara, DY Kang, JR Copeland, NA Brunelli, SA Didas, P Bollini, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 134 (26), 10757-10760, 2012
Structural Changes of Silica Mesocellular Foam Supported Amine-Functionalized CO2 Adsorbents Upon Exposure to Steam
W Li, P Bollini, SA Didas, S Choi, JH Drese, CW Jones
ACS applied materials & interfaces 2 (11), 3363-3372, 2010
Oxidative Degradation of Aminosilica Adsorbents Relevant to Postcombustion CO2 Capture
P Bollini, S Choi, JH Drese, CW Jones
Energy & fuels 25 (5), 2416-2425, 2011
Important Roles of Enthalpic and Entropic Contributions to CO2 Capture from Simulated Flue Gas and Ambient Air using Mesoporous Silica Grafted Amines
P Bollini, MA Alkhabbaz, GS Foo, C Sievers, CW Jones
Journal of the American Chemical Society, 2014
Enhanced CO2 Adsorption over Polymeric Amines Supported on Heteroatom‐Incorporated SBA‐15 Silica: Impact of Heteroatom Type and Loading on Sorbent …
Y Kuwahara, DY Kang, JR Copeland, P Bollini, C Sievers, T Kamegawa, ...
Chemistry–A European Journal 18 (52), 16649-16664, 2012
Dynamics of CO2 Adsorption on Amine Adsorbents. 2. Insights Into Adsorbent Design
P Bollini, NA Brunelli, SA Didas, CW Jones
Industrial & engineering chemistry research 51 (46), 15153-15162, 2012
Dynamics of CO2 Adsorption on Amine Adsorbents. 1. Impact of Heat Effects
P Bollini, NA Brunelli, SA Didas, CW Jones
Industrial & engineering chemistry research 51 (46), 15145-15152, 2012
Effect of support structure on CO2 adsorption properties of pore-expanded hyperbranched aminosilicas
JH Drese, S Choi, SA Didas, P Bollini, MML Gray, CW Jones
Microporous and Mesoporous Materials 151, 231-240, 2012
Structure, characterization, and catalytic properties of open-metal sites in metal organic frameworks
JN Hall, P Bollini
Reaction Chemistry & Engineering 4 (2), 207-222, 2019
Metal–Organic Framework MIL-100 Catalyzed Acetalization of Benzaldehyde with Methanol: Lewis or Brønsted Acid Catalysis?
JN Hall, P Bollini
ACS Catalysis 10 (6), 3750-3763, 2020
Improving HSAPO‐34 Methanol‐to‐Olefin Turnover Capacity by Seeding the Hydrocarbon Pool
P Bollini, A Bhan
ChemPhysChem 19 (4), 479-483, 2018
Mechanistic role of water in HSSZ-13 catalyzed methanol-to-olefins conversion
P Bollini, TT Chen, M Neurock, A Bhan
Catalysis Science & Technology 9 (16), 4374-4383, 2019
Synthesis of NiO Crystals Exposing Stable High‐Index Facets
MD Susman, HN Pham, X Zhao, DH West, S Chinta, P Bollini, AK Datye, ...
Angewandte Chemie International Edition 59 (35), 15119-15123, 2020
Quantification of Open-Metal Sites in Metal–Organic Frameworks Using Irreversible Water Adsorption
JN Hall, P Bollini
Langmuir 36 (5), 1345-1356, 2020
Enabling Access to Reduced Open-Metal Sites in Metal-Organic Framework Materials through Choice of Anion Identity: The Case of MIL-100 (Cr)
JN Hall, P Bollini
ACS Materials Letters 2 (7), 838-844, 2020
Cerium Oxide Catalyzes the Selective Vapor-Phase Hydrodeoxygenation of Anisole to Benzene at Ambient Pressures of Hydrogen
S Afrin, P Bollini
Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research 58 (31), 14603-14607, 2019
Oxidative dehydrogenation of ethane over mixed metal oxide catalysts: Autothermal or cooled tubular reactor design?
J Chen, P Bollini, V Balakotaiah
AIChE Journal 67 (6), e17168, 2021
Low‐Temperature, Ambient Pressure Oxidation of Methane to Methanol Over Every Tri‐Iron Node in a Metal–Organic Framework Material
JN Hall, P Bollini
Chemistry–A European Journal 26 (70), 16639-16643, 2020
Synthesis, Structure and Catalytic Properties of Faceted Oxide Crystals
X Zhao, MD Susman, JD Rimer, P Bollini
ChemCatChem 13 (1), 6-27, 2021
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