Martin Vechev
Martin Vechev
Professor of Computer Science, ETH Zurich
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Code completion with statistical language models
V Raychev, M Vechev, E Yahav
Acm Sigplan Notices 49 (6), 419-428, 2014
Predicting program properties from big code
V Raychev, M Vechev, A Krause
ACM SIGPLAN Notices 50 (1), 111-124, 2015
Abstraction-guided synthesis of synchronization
M Vechev, E Yahav, G Yorsh
ACM SIGPLAN Notices 45 (1), 327-338, 2010
QVM: An efficient runtime for detecting defects in deployed systems
M Arnold, M Vechev, E Yahav
ACM SIGPLAN Notices 43 (10), 143-162, 2008
Laws of order: expensive synchronization in concurrent algorithms cannot be eliminated
H Attiya, R Guerraoui, D Hendler, P Kuznetsov, MM Michael, M Vechev
ACM SIGPLAN Notices 46 (1), 487-498, 2011
Automatic inference of memory fences
M Kuperstein, M Vechev, E Yahav
Formal Methods in Computer-Aided Design (FMCAD), 2010, 111-119, 2010
Idempotent work stealing
MM Michael, MT Vechev, VA Saraswat
ACM SIGPLAN Notices 44 (4), 45-54, 2009
Ai2: Safety and robustness certification of neural networks with abstract interpretation
T Gehr, M Mirman, D Drachsler-Cohen, P Tsankov, S Chaudhuri, ...
2018 IEEE Symposium on Security and Privacy (SP), 3-18, 2018
Effective race detection for event-driven programs
V Raychev, M Vechev, M Sridharan
ACM SIGPLAN Notices 48 (10), 151-166, 2013
Deriving fine-grained concurrent linearizable objects
MT Vechev, E Yahav
ACM Programming Languages Design and Implementation, 2008
Chameleon: adaptive selection of collections
O Shacham, M Vechev, E Yahav
ACM SIGPLAN Notices 44 (6), 408-418, 2009
Race detection for web applications
B Petrov, M Vechev, M Sridharan, J Dolby
ACM SIGPLAN Notices 47 (6), 251-262, 2012
Scalable and precise dynamic datarace detection for structured parallelism
R Raman, J Zhao, V Sarkar, M Vechev, E Yahav
Partial-coherence abstractions for relaxed memory models
M Kuperstein, M Vechev, E Yahav
Proceedings of the 32nd ACM SIGPLAN conference on Programming language …, 2011
Efficient data race detection for async-finish parallelism
R Raman, J Zhao, V Sarkar, M Vechev, E Yahav
Runtime Verification, 368-383, 2010
Securify: Practical security analysis of smart contracts
P Tsankov, A Dan, D Drachsler-Cohen, A Gervais, F Buenzli, M Vechev
Proceedings of the 2018 ACM SIGSAC Conference on Computer and Communications …, 2018
Testing atomicity of composed concurrent operations
O Shacham, N Bronson, A Aiken, M Sagiv, M Vechev, E Yahav
Proceedings of the 2011 ACM international conference on Object oriented …, 2011
Experience with model checking linearizability
M Vechev, E Yahav, G Yorsh
Model Checking Software, 261-278, 2009
Dynamic synthesis for relaxed memory models
F Liu, N Nedev, N Prisadnikov, M Vechev, E Yahav
ACM SIGPLAN Notices 47 (6), 429-440, 2012
Practical concurrent binary search trees via logical ordering
D Drachsler, M Vechev, E Yahav
ACM SIGPLAN Notices 49 (8), 343-356, 2014
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