Dr. Udesh Dhawan
Dr. Udesh Dhawan
Research Associate at CeMi, University of Glasgow
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Theranostic Iron@Gold Core-Shell Nanoparticles for Simultaneous Hyperthermia-Chemotherapy upon Photo-stimulation
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Nanochip-induced epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition: Impact of physical microenvironment on cancer metastasis
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The spatiotemporal control of osteoblast cell growth, behavior, and function dictated by nanostructured stainless steel artificial microenvironments
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Tin disulfide–graphene oxide-β-cyclodextrin mediated electro-oxidation of melatonin hormone: an efficient platform for electrochemical sensing
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Assessing Suitability of Co@Au Core/Shell Nanoparticle Geometry for Improved Theranostics in Colon Carcinoma
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Biocompatible Electrochemical Sensor Based on Platinum-Nickel Alloy Nanoparticles for In Situ Monitoring of Hydrogen Sulfide in Breast Cancer Cells
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Oral Cancer Theranostic Application of FeAu Bimetallic Nanoparticles Conjugated with MMP-1 Antibody
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Nanomaterials 12 (1), 61, 2022
Molecular and nano structures of chiral PEDOT derivatives influence the enantiorecognition of biomolecules. In silico analysis of chiral recognition
JA Janardhanan, A Valaboju, U Dhawan, TH Mansoure, CCS Yan, ...
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Hyperthermia-Induced Controlled Local Anesthesia Administration Using Gelatin-Coated Iron–Gold Alloy Nanoparticles
RJC Chien-Kun Ting#, Udesh Dhawan#, Ching-Li Tseng#, Cihun-Siyong Alex Gong ...
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Mechanotactic Activation of TGF‐β by PEDOT Artificial Microenvironments Triggers Epithelial to Mesenchymal Transition
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An ossifying landscape: materials and growth factor strategies for osteogenic signalling and bone regeneration
U Dhawan, H Jaffery, M Salmeron-Sanchez, MJ Dalby
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Layer‐by‐layer assembly and electrically controlled disassembly of water‐soluble Poly (3, 4‐ethylenedioxythiophene) derivatives for bioelectronic interface
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Journal of the Chinese Chemical Society 67 (9), 1602-1610, 2020
國立交通大學, 2017
Vertically aligned carbon nanotubes based micro-sensor for alcohol detection
U Dhawan, R Kumar, OP Sinha, A Mathur
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