Toshiyuki Yokoi
Toshiyuki Yokoi
Institute of Innovative Research, Tokyo Institute of Technology
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A novel anionic surfactant templating route for synthesizing mesoporous silica with unique structure
S Che, AE Garcia-Bennett, T Yokoi, K Sakamoto, H Kunieda, O Terasaki, ...
Nature materials 2 (12), 801-805, 2003
Catalytic properties of hierarchical mesoporous zeolites templated with a mixture of small organic ammonium salts and mesoscale cationic polymers
FS Xiao, L Wang, C Yin, K Lin, Y Di, J Li, R Xu, DS Su, R Schlögl, T Yokoi, ...
Angewandte Chemie 118 (19), 3162-3165, 2006
Periodic arrangement of silica nanospheres assisted by amino acids
T Yokoi, Y Sakamoto, O Terasaki, Y Kubota, T Okubo, T Tatsumi
Journal of the American Chemical Society 128 (42), 13664-13665, 2006
Adsorption of chromate and arsenate by amino-functionalized MCM-41 and SBA-1
H Yoshitake, T Yokoi, T Tatsumi
Chemistry of materials 14 (11), 4603-4610, 2002
Synthesis of amino-functionalized MCM-41 via direct co-condensation and post-synthesis grafting methods using mono-, di-and tri-amino-organoalkoxysilanes
T Yokoi, H Yoshitake, T Tatsumi
Journal of Materials Chemistry 14 (6), 951-957, 2004
Superhydrophobic nanoporous polymers as efficient adsorbents for organic compounds
Y Zhang, S Wei, F Liu, Y Du, S Liu, Y Ji, T Yokoi, T Tatsumi, FS Xiao
Nano Today 4 (2), 135-142, 2009
Synthesis, crystallization mechanism, and catalytic properties of titanium-rich TS-1 free of extraframework titanium species
W Fan, RG Duan, T Yokoi, P Wu, Y Kubota, T Tatsumi
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All solid-state battery with sulfur electrode and thio-LISICON electrolyte
T Kobayashi, Y Imade, D Shishihara, K Homma, M Nagao, R Watanabe, ...
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Adsorption behavior of arsenate at transition metal cations captured by amino-functionalized mesoporous silicas
H Yoshitake, T Yokoi, T Tatsumi
Chemistry of Materials 15 (8), 1713-1721, 2003
Amino-functionalized mesoporous silica as base catalyst and adsorbent
T Yokoi, Y Kubota, T Tatsumi
Applied Catalysis A: General 421, 14-37, 2012
All-solid-state Li–sulfur batteries with mesoporous electrode and thio-LISICON solid electrolyte
M Nagao, Y Imade, H Narisawa, T Kobayashi, R Watanabe, T Yokoi, ...
Journal of Power Sources 222, 237-242, 2013
Mechanism of formation of uniform-sized silica nanospheres catalyzed by basic amino acids
T Yokoi, J Wakabayashi, Y Otsuka, W Fan, M Iwama, R Watanabe, ...
Chemistry of Materials 21 (15), 3719-3729, 2009
Synthesis of anionic-surfactant-templated mesoporous silica using organoalkoxysilane-containing amino groups
T Yokoi, H Yoshitake, T Tatsumi
Chemistry of materials 15 (24), 4536-4538, 2003
Effect of desilication of H-ZSM-5 by alkali treatment on catalytic performance in hexane cracking
H Mochizuki, T Yokoi, H Imai, S Namba, JN Kondo, T Tatsumi
Applied Catalysis A: General 449, 188-197, 2012
Facile control of crystallite size of ZSM-5 catalyst for cracking of hexane
H Mochizuki, T Yokoi, H Imai, R Watanabe, S Namba, JN Kondo, ...
Microporous and Mesoporous Materials 145 (1-3), 165-171, 2011
Control of the Al distribution in the framework of ZSM-5 zeolite and its evaluation by solid-state NMR technique and catalytic properties
T Yokoi, H Mochizuki, S Namba, JN Kondo, T Tatsumi
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 119 (27), 15303-15315, 2015
Diversification of RTH‐type zeolite and its catalytic application
T Yokoi, M Yoshioka, H Imai, T Tatsumi
Angewandte Chemie International Edition 48 (52), 9884-9887, 2009
Amino-functionalized mesoporous silica synthesized by an anionic surfactant templating route
T Yokoi, H Yoshitake, T Yamada, Y Kubota, T Tatsumi
Journal of Materials Chemistry 16 (12), 1125-1135, 2006
Dealuminated Beta zeolite as effective bifunctional catalyst for direct transformation of glucose to 5-hydroxymethylfurfural
R Otomo, T Yokoi, JN Kondo, T Tatsumi
Applied Catalysis A: General 470, 318-326, 2014
Fe3+ coordinated to amino-functionalized MCM-41: an adsorbent for the toxic oxyanions with high capacity, resistibility to inhibiting anions, and reusability after a simple …
T Yokoi, T Tatsumi, H Yoshitake
Journal of colloid and interface science 274 (2), 451-457, 2004
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