Hung-Yu Chang
Hung-Yu Chang
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Multilayered polymersome formed by amphiphilic asymmetric macromolecular brushes
HY Chang, YL Lin, YJ Sheng, HK Tsao
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High performance nonvolatile transistor memories of pentacene using the electrets of star-branched p-type polymers and their donor–acceptor blends
YC Chiu, TY Chen, CC Chueh, HY Chang, K Sugiyama, YJ Sheng, ...
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MD/DPD multiscale framework for predicting morphology and stresses of red blood cells in health and disease
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Electrocatalytic zinc composites as the efficient counter electrodes of dye-sensitized solar cells: study on the electrochemical performances and density functional theory …
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Synergistic integration of laboratory and numerical approaches in studies of the biomechanics of diseased red blood cells
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Biosensors 8 (3), 76, 2018
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