Hadi Nur
Hadi Nur
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Second generation bioethanol production: A critical review
HB Aditiya, TMI Mahlia, WT Chong, H Nur, AH Sebayang
Renewable and sustainable energy reviews 66, 631-653, 2016
A review on energy scenario and sustainable energy in Indonesia
MH Hasan, TMI Mahlia, H Nur
Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews 16 (4), 2316-2328, 2012
A Review of Silver Nanoparticles: Research Trends, Global Consumption, Synthesis, Properties, and Future Challenges
A Syafiuddin, MR Salim, A Beng Hong Kueh, T Hadibarata, H Nur
Journal of the Chinese Chemical Society, 2017
Second generation bioethanol potential from selected Malaysia’s biodiversity biomasses: A review
HB Aditiya, WT Chong, TMI Mahlia, AH Sebayang, MA Berawi, H Nur
Waste Management 47, 46-61, 2016
Phase-boundary catalysis of alkene epoxidation with aqueous hydrogen peroxide using amphiphilic zeolite particles loaded with titanium oxide
H Nur, S Ikeda, B Ohtani
Journal of Catalysis 204 (2), 402-408, 2001
Solid-state NMR and FTIR studies of lime stabilized montmorillonitic and lateritic clays
A Eisazadeh, KA Kassim, H Nur
Applied Clay Science 67, 5-10, 2012
Modification of titanium surface species of titania by attachment of silica nanoparticles
H Nur
Materials Science and Engineering: B 133 (1-3), 49-54, 2006
Phase-boundary catalysis: a new approach in alkene epoxidation with hydrogen peroxide by zeolite loaded with alkylsilane-covered titanium oxide
H Nur, S Ikeda, B Ohtani
Chemical Communications, 2235-2236, 2000
Direct Observation of Bimodal Amphiphilic Surface Structures of Zeolite Particles for a Novel Liquid− Liquid Phase Boundary Catalysis
S Ikeda, H Nur, T Sawadaishi, K Ijiro, M Shimomura, B Ohtani
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Antimicrobial treatment of different metal oxide nanoparticles: a critical review
S Parham, DHB Wicaksono, S Bagherbaigi, SL Lee, H Nur
Journal of the Chinese Chemical Society 63 (4), 385-393, 2016
Iron-porphyrin encapsulated in poly (methacrylic acid) and mesoporous Al-MCM-41 as catalysts in the oxidation of benzene to phenol
H Nur, H Hamid, S Endud, H Hamdan, Z Ramli
Materials Chemistry and Physics 96 (2-3), 337-342, 2006
Stabilization of tropical kaolin soil with phosphoric acid and lime
A Eisazadeh, KA Kassim, H Nur
Natural hazards 61 (3), 931-942, 2012
Characterization of phosphoric acid-and lime-stabilized tropical lateritic clay
A Eisazadeh, KA Kassim, H Nur
Environmental Earth Sciences 63 (5), 1057-1066, 2011
Controlling the degradation kinetics of porous iron by poly (lactic-co-glycolic acid) infiltration for use as temporary medical implants
HH Abdul Hakim Md Yusop, Nurizzati Mohd Daud, Hadi Nur, Mohammed Rafiq Abdul ...
Scientific Reports 5, 11194, 2015
Gold nanoparticles embedded on the surface of polyvinyl alcohol layer
H Nur, SM Nasir
Journal of Fundamental Sciences 4 (1), 2008
Preparation and characterization of bifunctional oxidative and acidic catalysts Nb2O5/TS-1 for synthesis of diols
D Prasetyoko, Z Ramli, S Endud, H Nur
Materials Chemistry and Physics 93 (2-3), 443-449, 2005
Sulphated AlMCM-41: Mesoporous solid Brønsted acid catalyst for dibenzoylation of biphenyl
EP Ng, H Nur, MN Mohd Muhid, H Hamdan
Catalysis Today 14 (2-3), 257-262, 2006
Synthesis of ZSM-5 directly from kaolin without organic template: Part-1: Effect of crystallization time
D Hartanto, O Saputro, WP Utomo, A Rosyidah, D Sugiarso, T Ersam, ...
Asian Journal of Chemistry 28 (1), 211, 2016
Phase change material: optimizing the thermal properties and thermal conductivity of myristic acid/palmitic acid eutectic mixture with acid-based surfactants
H Fauzi, HSC Metselaar, TMI Mahlia, M Silakhori, H Nur
Applied Thermal Engineering 60 (1-2), 261-265, 2013
On the location of different titanium sites in Ti–OMS-2 and their catalytic role in oxidation of styrene
H Nur, F Hayati, H Hamdan
Catalysis Communications 8 (12), 2007
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