Kuang C. Lin
Kuang C. Lin
Department of Engineering and System Science, National Tsing Hua University
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Biodiesel combustion: advances in chemical kinetic modeling
JYW Lai, KC Lin, A Violi
Progress in Energy and Combustion Science 37 (1), 1-14, 2011
Natural convection heat transfer of nanofluids in a vertical cavity: Effects of non-uniform particle diameter and temperature on thermal conductivity
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Microwave plasma studies of Spirulina algae pyrolysis with relevance to hydrogen production
KC Lin, YC Lin, YH Hsiao
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Emission evaluation of a diesel engine generator operating with a proportion of isobutanol as a fuel additive in biodiesel blends
PM Yang, KC Lin, YC Lin, SR Jhang, SC Chen
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Comparison of carbonyl compound emissions from a diesel engine generator fueled with blends of n-butanol, biodiesel and diesel
PM Yang, YC Lin, KC Lin, SR Jhang, SC Chen, CC Wang, YC Lin
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Pathways, kinetics and thermochemistry of methyl-ester peroxy radical decomposition in the low-temperature oxidation of methyl butanoate: A computational study of a biodiesel …
H Tao, KC Lin
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3D-CFD investigation into free convection flow above a heated horizontal cylinder: Comparisons with experimental data
KC Lin, Y Bhosale, CYZ Huang
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An early stage of aerosol particle transport in flows past periodic arrays of clear staggered obstructions: A computational study
KC Lin, H Tao, KW Lee
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KC Lin, H Tao, FH Kao, CT Chiu
Energy & Fuels, 2016
A compact skeletal mechanism of propane towards applications from NTC-affected ignition predictions to CFD-modeled diffusion flames: Comparisons with experiments
KC Lin, CT Chiu
Fuel 203, 102-112, 2017
Kinetic barriers, rate constants and branching ratios for unimolecular reactions of methyl octanoate peroxy radicals: A computational study of a mid-sized biodiesel fuel surrogate
H Tao, KC Lin
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Filtration of aerosol particles by clean elliptical fibers with relevance to pore size: A lattice Boltzmann-cellular automaton model
KC Lin, R Patel, JS Tsai
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Kinetics of Thermal Unimolecular Decomposition of Acetic Anhydride: An Integrated Deterministic and Stochastic Model
TVT Mai, M Duong, HT Nguyen, KC Lin, LK Huynh
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Ab initio chemical kinetics of the CH2OO+ C2F4 reaction
TVT Mai, M Duong, HT Nguyen, KC Lin, LK Huynh
Chemical Physics Letters 706, 280-284, 2018
Low Temperature Oxidation Kinetics of Biodiesel Molecules: Rate Rules for Concerted HO2 Elimination from Alkyl Ester Peroxy Radicals
XT Le, TVT Mai, KC Lin, LK Huynh
The Journal of Physical Chemistry A 122 (42), 8259-8273, 2018
Formation of unsaturated hydrocarbons, carbonyl compounds and PAHs in a non-premixed methane/air flame doped with methyl butanoate: CFD modeling and comparison with …
KC Lin, CT Chiu, H Tao, YC Liao
Fuel 182, 487-493, 2016
Insights into the differences in oxidation pathways of methyl butanoate and n-Butane
KC Lin, JYW Lai, A Violi
Proceedings of the 6th US national combustion meeting, 17-20, 2009
Skeletal mechanism of ethyl propionate oxidation for CFD modeling to predict experimental profiles of unsaturated products in a nonpremixed flame
KC Lin, TW Lee
Energy & Fuels 32 (1), 855-866, 2018
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