Assoc. Prof. Andrew R. Timming
Assoc. Prof. Andrew R. Timming
Associate Professor of HRM, University of Western Australia
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Visible tattoos in the service sector: a new challenge to recruitment and selection
AR Timming
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What Do You Think of My Ink? Assessing the Effects of Body Art on Employment Chances
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AR Timming
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AR Timming
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Taboo Tattoos? A study of the gendered effects of body art on consumers' attitudes toward visibly tattooed front line staff
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AR Timming
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What do tattoo artists know about HRM? Recruitment and selection in the body art sector
AR Timming
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The 'reach' of employee participation in decision-making: exploring the Aristotelian roots of workplace democracy
AR Timming
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The effect of foreign accent on employability: a study of the aural dimensions of aesthetic labour in customer-facing and non-customer-facing jobs
AR Timming
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Employee silence and the authoritarian personality: a political psychology of workplace democracy
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3 Living apart together?
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Dissonant cognitions in European works councils: A ‘comparative ethnomethodological’approach
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Subtle Increases in BMI within a Health Weight Range Still Reduce Women's Employment Chances in the Service Sector
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Body art as branded labour: At the intersection of employee selection and relationship marketing
AR Timming
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Trust and mixed signals: A study of religion, tattoos and cognitive dissonance
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Cross-national variation in the determinants of job satisfaction: how far do our results “travel”?
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Participation across organizational boundaries
M Marchington, AR Timming
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