Qiang Lyu
Qiang Lyu
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Preparation of amino-functionalized Fe3O4@ mSiO2 core-shell magnetic nanoparticles and their application for aqueous Fe3+ removal
C Meng, W Zhikun, L Qiang, L Chunling, S Shuangqing, H Songqing
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Effect of Interfacial Bonding on Interphase Properties in SiO2/Epoxy Nanocomposite: A Molecular Dynamics Simulation Study
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Effects of single adatom and Stone-Wales defects on the elastic properties of carbon nanotube/polypropylene composites: a molecular simulation study
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Glass transition investigations on highly crosslinked epoxy resins by molecular dynamics simulations
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Rational design of two-dimensional hydrocarbon polymer as ultrathin-film nanoporous membranes for water desalination
Q Lyu, S Sun, C Li, S Hu, LC Lin
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Computational discovery of nanoporous materials for energy-and environment-related applications
EH Cho, Q Lyu (co-first author), LC Lin
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Exploring the potential of defective UiO-66 as reverse osmosis membranes for desalination
Q Lyu, X Deng, S Hu, LC Lin, WSW Ho
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 123 (26), 16118-16126, 2019
Highly CO2 Selective Metal–Organic Framework Membranes with Favorable Coulombic Effect
DS Chiou, HJ Yu, TH Hung, Q Lyu, CK Chang, JS Lee, LC Lin, DY Kang
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Mechanism of foam film destruction induced by emulsified oil: a coarse-grained simulation study
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Effect of graphene dispersion on the equilibrium structure and deformation of graphene/eicosane composites as surrogates for graphene/polyethylene composites: a molecular …
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Journal of Materials Science 52 (10), 5672-5685, 2017
Exploiting interior surface functionalization in reverse osmosis desalination membranes to mitigate permeability–selectivity trade-off: Molecular simulations of nanotube-based …
Q Lyu, DY Kang, S Hu, LC Lin
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Molecular dynamics simulations on heterogeneity and percolation of epoxy nanofilm during glass transition process
Z Wang, Q Lv, S Chen, R Faller, C Li, S Sun, S Hu
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Hexagonal Superalignment of Nano-Objects with Tunable Separation in a Dilute and Spacer-Free Solution
CY Su, Q Lyu (co-first author), DY Kang, ZH Yang, CH Lam, YH Chen, ...
Physical Review Letters 123 (23), 238002, 2019
Harnessed Dopant Block Copolymers Assist Decorating Membrane Pores: A Dissipative Particle Dynamics Study
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Coulombic effect on permeation of CO2 in metal-organic framework membranes
TH Hung, X Deng, Q Lyu, LC Lin, DY Kang
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Inhibitor-self-gated stimuli-responsive anticorrosion system based on π-π stacking
M Cheng, Q Lyu, B Shan, X Zhao, Z Wang, S Sun, C Li, S Hu
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Theoretical prediction of mechanical strength and desalination performance of one-atom-thick hydrocarbon polymer in pressure-driven separation
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Effect of linker configuration and functionalization on the seawater desalination performance of Zr-MOF membrane
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Transport-Relevant Pore Limiting Diameter for Molecular Separations in Metal–Organic Framework Membranes
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Interplay of distributions of multiple guest molecules in block copolymer micelles: A dissipative particle dynamics study
Z Wang, J Zhou, J Wang, M Wang, Q Lyu, C Li, S Sun, R Faller, S Hu
Journal of Colloid and Interface Science, 2021
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