Marc Scully
Marc Scully
Mary Immaculate College, Limerick
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Remediating Viking Origins: Genetic Code as Archival Memory of the Remote Past
M Scully, T King, SD Brown
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Discourses of authenticity and national identity among the Irish diaspora in England
M Scully
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Whose Day Is It Anyway? St. Patrick's Day as a Contested Performance of National and Diasporic Irishness
M Scully
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M Scully
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M Scully
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The Problem of a Subjective Authenticity and the Articulation of Belonging among the Irish in England—A Psychosocial Approach
M Scully
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Becoming a Viking: DNA testing, genetic ancestry and placeholder identity
M Scully, SD Brown, T King
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BIFFOs, jackeens and Dagenham Yanks: county identity,“authenticity” and the Irish diaspora
M Scully
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‘Emigrants in the Traditional Sense’?—Irishness in England, Contemporary Migration and Collective Memory of the 1950s
M Scully
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6 Challenging Peripherality: Cornwall in Pan-Celtic Narratives of Place
M Scully
Discourses of Identity in Liminal Places and Spaces, 2019
Constructing Masculinity through Genetic Legacies: Family Histories, Y-Chromosomes, and “Viking Identities”
M Scully
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Are Irish passport applicants in Britain becoming ‘more Irish’?
M Scully
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Ancient objects with modern meanings: museums, volunteers, and the Anglo-Saxon ‘Staffordshire Hoard’as a marker of twenty-first century regional identity
M Capper, M Scully
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Leaving the North: migration and memory, Northern Ireland 1921–2011
M Scully
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We must guarantee a genuine Irish welcome for our returning diaspora (Pre-published version)
M Scully
The Irish Times, 2012
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